DMCA Take-Down Policy

gdURL is a public service provided for the greater good. gdURL in no way encourages the unlawful dissemination of copyrighted materials. Unfortunately, Google Drive permits its users to upload any content they desire, and there are situations where a Google Drive user makes copyrighted content available, then subsequently creates a short link to that material using the gdURL service.

If you are a copyright holder or represent such an entity and have found material linked via gdURL that you would like removed, we are happy to oblige you. Simply send a valid DMCA take-down request to the following email address for the offending records and they will be removed post-haste.

dmca (at) gdURL (dot) com

Keep in mind that the actual content you seek is hosted at Google Drive, so you are encouraged to contact the responsible party there to really have it removed and made unavailable.

Last updated October 15, 2014 at 4:24pm PDT